General questions
Check out the Settings, Stream Software Setup, and then click OBS or XSplit depending on what you use.

Also make sure to customize your Warp Bar by going to Settings, Customize your Warp Bar.
The Warp World Bot must first be setup in the Settings, Submissions Settings page, be sure to click "Warp Bot\Settings". This feature requires you create a 2nd Twitch account first. Once you have a 2nd account created you will want to follow the instructions found on the Settings page. This will instruct the Warp Bar to load the Warp bot whenever you load up the Warp Bar. If you run multiple Warp Bars, you can append "&bot=false" to the end of the WarpBar URL to prevent multiple bots from running! If you have done everything correctly the bot will connect to your channel with a "Connected..." message. If you are not running the Warp Bar, this bot will not function.
The Warp Bot must first be setup in the Settings, Submissions Settings page. Once you have that setup, you can type !rage to get the rage information.

We also have another great tutorial video from NerdOrDie on how to set this up! Check it out here!
Remove will delete the level from your queue completely. It will be as if the person never added the level, and they will be able to re-submit. This will also keep the level from counting in your stats. Please do not just remove levels if you are unable to beat them.

Skip should be done when you are unable to complete the level, and wish to keep it from resubmitted. You can always add it manually, or re-submit it by going to All Levels and clicking RESUBMIT. This will help keep your stats more accurate!
If you are running the Warp Bot, ensure you only have 1 Warp Bar open. If you have multiple bars running the bot will connect each time unless you append the &bot=false to the end of the link.

Additionally if you previously setup Nightbot, Ahkhbot, Deepbot or any other bot, ensure they are either not connected or you removed the commands you added for Warp World.
Yes! We have a few videos linked on the site but to make it easier here are the 3 videos we have so far!
Warp World Simple Setup
Auto Bookmark Setup
Warp World Customization Rage Bar Setup
If your levels are not automatically bookmarking, you may want to make sure you linked it correctly. The most common mistake is linking a cookie when you were logged out of the Super Mario Bookmark site. If that is correct, then make sure you click "Play" on the level. Levels will only be bookmarked after you click play and will be removed on completion/skip/stop. If you have tested all this and still have issues, feel free to reach out to our Twitter and or Discord.
Many users will create a custom panel on their Twitch profile page mentioning and describing Warp World. If you wish to do this, I suggest checking out this awesome panel creator.

We also have a command that is built into the Warp World Bot, "!warpworld" which will describe and give out a link. Of course if you are using a different bot then you may need to create the custom command yourself.

We do accept donations, these donations will go towards server costs, maintaing the site and getting new features built for you! Donate Here!

And finally, we created a few FrankerFaceZ emotes that would be great if could add to your channel!
- Warp1     - Pipe0     - Pipe1    

Whatever you choose to do, we cannot thank you enough!
Feel free to contact jaku on twitch/twitter/email or anything else you can think of to get his attention. You can find the Twitch and Twitter information at the bottom of the page. And emailing is as simple as emailing contact@warp.world!


Warp World is a free application to help you connect your Twitch viewers to you! Use it to easily manage your level queues, allow viewers to directly add levels in chat, and much more!